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We are private independent investors, using mathematics and statistics applied to Stock Market Investment, with the Technical Chart Analysis by InvestGraf.

Our approach is based on the principle that shows evidences of similar behavior among individuals, expecting the same rational in Stock Market; in other words, getting 'in' and 'out' decisions have strong tendency to be correlated and therefore, relevant in aggregated terms, so called 'crowd effect'.

We combine Behavioral Finance analysis with math prediction models, key indicators and statistic methodology to provide fullest picture of crowd behavior in chart graphics, to anticipate the stock trajectory.

We use free open software with zero cost, combining algorithms indicators, Fibonacci´s lines and the Pivot figure, allowing to assertive anticipate trajectory for buying and selling moments, or bullish and bearish tendencies.

We target Brazil emerging Stock Market - Bovespa, helping foreign investors to take advantage over currency behavior with off-shore strategies in mother language.

Our job is made by chart analysis upon mathematics and statistics, focusing on companies with long term data samples, fast Liquidity and low Spread operation.


We understand stock price rises because demand is greater than offer - more people buying than selling, and falls because offer is greater than demand - more people selling than buying. Our strategy and focus are driven on identifying these movements, not their fundamentals.

Our Skript page, translates the pillars of our thought and strategy.


We offer Advisory on How to invest in Stock Market using Technical Chart Analysis - in English, Spanish and Portuguese.


Contact us and see how you can boost your results with the visibility and independence of the Technical Chart Analysis by InvestGraf.



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